Laser Gum Surgery

Gentle Laser Gum Surgery
for a Safer Treatment Experience

If gum disease is affecting your health, but traditional treatments such as osseous surgery are not recommended or favorable to you, there is an alternative. For patients whose oral health has been compromised, we offer the LANAP® protocol, or Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure. This protocol offers our patients an effective treatment option that takes advantage of the dental laser’s gentle and safe treatment capabilities. With laser gum surgery, our patients can experience the same smile-saving and health-boosting effects of traditional treatments, without the pain or inconvenience.

Laser Gum Surgery by Dr. Orsini

What to Expect with Laser Gum Surgery

Laser gum surgery with the PerioLase® MVP-7™ removes the need for sutures and scalpels. This makes laser treatment much gentler and virtually pain-free compared to other treatment methods. You can expect the following during treatment:

  • Bacteria and Calculus Removal between the teeth and gums. The gentle laser specifically targets diseased tissues, leaving healthy tissues unharmed.
  • Formation of a Blood Clot to protect the area against bacteria to allow the tissues time to heal.
  • Tissue Compression helps the tissues naturally re-connect to the teeth without the use of sutures.

Virtually Pain-Free Treatment

Laser treatment is gentle and minimally-invasive in nature, providing our patients with a more efficient, effective and enjoyable dental experience without any cutting or stitches. However, if you experience dental fear or anxiety, please let us know. We offer nitrous oxide sedation to help you relax during your treatment.

Dr. Rebecca Orsini of Empower Dental has been performing LANAP® for patients since 2005.


There is a small, thin piece of tissue that connects the lip to the gums referred to as the frenum. Sometimes, the frenum can cause teeth to shift or limit mobility. Using the dental laser, we can remove this piece of tissue without incisions in a procedure called a frenectomy. This procedure offers quick results with little discomfort and short healing times.

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