Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Welcome to Empower Dental

It is our mission to become your team for achieving your beautiful smile goals and your optimum wellness. Whether you have been suffering the difficulty of a damaged and painful condition for a long time and are ready to reclaim wholeness, or you are wellness oriented and looking to maintain your excellent health, you are in the right place. We welcome adults and children of all ages and stages.

We understand every person is unique, and will take the time to listen and understand your individual needs, goals, and dreams. One size fits no one well, and in our office you can expect to be treated with dignity and to be given the assistance and expertise that you require to make decisions about what best fits your lifestyle, desires, and health. We will create your tailored plan together.

We get excited about the life changes that come when our patients are empowered to break out of what has held them back and they are free to truly live well. Some of our patients have come to us having suffered a career stall due to broken or missing teeth, relationship consequences or self esteem issues from not feeling their best, and even serious health conditions that have causes in the mouth. We have worked together with them to achieve healing and wellness. We celebrate with them when they smile in the mirror for the first time in forever and feel great about what they see. We often share happy tears and of joy and relief when they are able to smile, eat, and function normally, many after years or sometimes decades of shame and pain.

Our practice exists to make and maintain healthy lives for our patients. We offer dental implants, treatment of sleep disordered breathing and snoring, periodontal (gum) disease treatments, facial rejuvenation, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, dentures, bridges, crowns, fillings, root canals, dental cleanings, sealants, and hygiene solutions customized for you. We work with your physicians to create a team of support for your healthy life, nutrition, and fitness. We constantly strive to utilize rapidly improving technology for your best results.

If you are looking for a dental team that cares, listens, and can deliver your best solutions then write down your goals and give us a call. We are currently accepting new patients and we'd love to work with you and be your team. Let us help you get where you want to be.

"I truly care about my patients, and customize solutions for each case. One size fits none, and I work with the patients to give them all the information they need to choose what is right for them. I am in dentistry because I love it, and it is my goal to help each patient live their healthiest, best life possible."

- Dr. Rebecca Orsini

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